Outsourcing in life science R&D today

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outsourcing, lifescience, R&D
outsourcing, lifescience, R&D

Learn how online platforms facilitate outsourcing in life science R&D

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  • Find out how online platforms make outsourcing life science R&D more efficient and accessible
  • Learn about how online outsourcing platforms help life science companies respond to challenges and comply with regulatory standards
  • Discover the unique mix of AI and human-powered services that Scientist.com offers clients for an unparalleled outsourcing experience
  • Outsourcing in lifescience R&D
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  • Outsourcing in lifescience R&D 3

More about this report:

Over the last two decades, outsourcing has become an integral part of life science R&D. Today, life science companies routinely outsource significant portions of their R&D activities to external suppliers – including complex, specialized services that used to be performed in-house. Since there can be thousands of suppliers to choose from, a key challenge for life science companies can be finding the right one for their outsourcing needs. 

In this report, created with experts at Scientist.com, we discuss how online platforms help life science companies address this challenge, the different types of online platforms that exist and other unique advantages they can provide, such as complying with regulatory standards, increasing cost-effectiveness and accessibility of outsourcing providers and responding to supply chain challenges efficiently.

This report was created with the kind support of Scientist.com.

Outsourcing in life science R&D today

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outsourcing, lifescience, R&D