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Labiotech.eu was founded in 2014 by two biotech engineers in response to the lack of digital media covering the European biotechnology industry. 

Over the years, the website grew to become the most visited biotech website in Europe and a trusted source of information for many professionals.

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The journey so far


Creation of Labiotech.eu.


Labiotech secured its first seed fundraising round, aiming to establish itself as the leading biotech media in Europe.


Labiotech marked a significant milestone by raising its second financing round. This achievement is a pivotal moment in the company’s growth trajectory, enabling continued investment in content, product launches, and team expansion.


Labiotech became a subsidiary of Inpart, market-leading biopharma network and partnering platform. The group provides comprehensive solutions to facilitate, optimize and track interactions in the biopharma, scientific and academic sectors.


Labiotech.eu went global with its coverage and launched its first podcast, further diversifying its content offerings.


Today, Labiotech continues to offer in-depth analyses, company profiles, and interviews with key industry figures, providing a rich source of information not just on the science but also on the business side of biotech. This specialized content attracts an international and highly engaged audience of industry professionals and enthusiasts, making it an attractive platform for partners looking to connect with a dedicated and informed community within the biotech sector.

Our mission: to provide the biotech community with current and relevant information about the life sciences industry. 

Access to information is crucial in the fast-paced world of biotechnology. We are on a mission to make biotech knowledge accessible, fostering collaboration among professionals to fuel innovation that directly benefits society. Collaboration represents a boundless reservoir of untapped potential, essential for bringing science to life. 

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How we work: our values

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We believe that science and information should have a positive impact on society and our planet. 


We strive to deliver the highest quality and value to our community through our content. 


We believe in the power of diversity and foster curiosity. Our team comes from all corners of the world, bringing unique perspectives and experiences. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds, unified by a shared passion for science.


We believe that transparency is the key to trust and credibility. Through independent journalism, we deliver information that is authentic, transparent, and relevant.


Our commitment lies in reducing our environmental footprint through embracing sustainable practices. We advocate for remote work to minimize our ecological impact, fostering a healthier planet for future generations.

Our editorial policy

Labiotech.eu is updated daily with fresh content. Our team of journalists continuously follows the news and trends of the industry, choosing the most relevant topics to produce valuable content for our readers. 

Our content is centered around three principles: 

  • Accessible and clear: we write for a broad audience with a variety of professional backgrounds. Our articles are meticulously designed to be clear and comprehensible.  
  • Engaging and informative: we blend diverse formats and visuals to keep our content appealing, digestible, and informative. 
  • Accurate and relevant: At the heart of our content is a commitment to accuracy and timeliness. We provide fact-based, reliable information, regularly updating our content to ensure it stays relevant and reflects the latest scientific developments. 

Our content is sourced from press releases, direct interviews, reports, events, and industry databases. We also receive tips from readers and always respect their anonymity when requested.  

Labiotech.eu also publishes occasional contributions from thought leaders. Opinion pieces are labeled as such and don’t reflect the opinion of our editorial team.  

Labiotech.eu is a renowned publication in the biotech industry. We’re regularly solicited to moderate leading life sciences conferences such as the BIO-Europe events. Our team has also been nominated several times as “Commentator of the Year” at the European Mediscience Awards.

Who reads us?

Labiotech.eu reaches a wide audience of life science professionals with readers from all over the world follow us on a regular basis. 

Our Team


Profile Joachim edit

Joachim Eeckhout

Founder & Editorial Director
Willow Shah Neville

Willow Shah-Neville

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Roohi Peter

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Jules Adam

Junior Reporter
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Jim Cornall

Podcast Host
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Ute Boronowsky

Contributing writer
Sudha Sundaram picture

Sudha Sundaram

Contributing writer
ABurik Profile Image

Alexander Burik

Contributing writer

Audience growth, marketing and BD

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Sarah Issa

CMO at Labiotech and Inpart
Aurore Michelin

Aurore Michelin

Growth Marketing Manager
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Ciaran Gaffey

Web Developer
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Freya Damrell

Sales Manager

Vyara Siteva

Campaign Manager

Working at Labiotech

Join Labiotech, where we are democratizing biotech knowledge and driving collaboration for societal advancement. We’re growing fast and looking for passionate talents to join our team!

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